We want to help in making the world a better place, one problem solved at a time – all powered by solutions tailored to streamline operations, drive innovation, delight customers, and build brand recognition. At the end of the day, we only have one job – and that's to help businesses deliver better to their customers.

Our Outsourcing Solutions
  • • Contact Center Services
  • • Outbound Services
  • • Inbound Services
  • • Business Process Outsourcing
  • • Information Technology Outsourcing
  • • IBack Office Services
Contact Center Services (CCS)

One call at a time, we want to make lives better for our clients and their customers. Every call – be it inbound or outbound; voice, email or chat, sales, customer service or technical support – is a direct reflection on any organization and has an effect on company's customer retention rates and corporate values. That being said, the most important way a customer deals with your brand is through your customer service representative. It may be a phone call inquiring about their latest bill, an inquiry checking on the status of a shipment, or a question about product information. At Tensei Philippines, we make sure that our every interaction with your customer is professional and treating them with genuine respect; ensuring that the information we provide is accurate and their experience will always leave a positive impression on your brand.

Outbound Services

Telemarketing is a way of selling, promoting a product or process to the prospective customers over the phone. Our agents are trained in conversational skills to help your business enhance sales, promote new products and update your customers with current available services.

- Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation service works by contacting the customer with a planned strategy on what information to relay instead of waiting for them to contact your business. This service is great when you are targeting specific customers or if your product caters to almost every type of customer. This service improves the efficiency of the sales process, connect your business with the right leads, streamline the sales process, and get sales results faster.

- Surveys

This service has great significance in knowing the percentage of customer satisfaction about the process or products. This benefits the companies to improve their business through customer’s feedback, researching for the demands and enhancing offerings to satisfy the customer’s needs.

- Debt Collection

This service ensures the payments on debts owed by customers which is good for businesses like mortgage, insurance and financial markets. This saves money and time of the companies in debt collection when it is outsourced in a right manner.

- Telesales

What our Telesales service does is that we persuade customers in buying a product or service and be able to convert them to sales. The goal is to generate as much revenue as possible by turning leads into buying customers through sales pitch over the phone. This service aims to reduce operational expenses, improve sales conversion rates, and gain competitive edge.

Inbound Services
- Customer Service

Customer Service builds good customer relationship through interaction and taking immediate actions to address their complaints

- Help Desk Service

includes assisting, guiding, troubleshooting and offering solutions to computer problems and IT related products. This does not only provide technical answers but also evaluating the problem of the customers.

- Technical Troubleshooting Service

provides product information and technical assistance over the phone that are accessible 24 hours a day.

- Order Taking Service

helps the customers place their orders directly via phone. The agents will process the order and answer the customers to their inquiries about the products.