General Info

TECS PRI cards are high-performance, cost effective telephony cards available with carrier grade optional hardware echo cancellation. The card allows up to 96 (T1) or 120 (E1) channels and allows integration of legacy telephony systems with emerging Voice-over IP (VoIP) technologies.

TECS E1/T1/J1 digital cards are designed to work with Open Source based VoIP platforms such as Asterisk® (e.g. PBX in a Flash®, FreePBX® Elastix®) & FreeSWITCH®. It supports industry standard telephony protocol families. Both line-side, trunk-side interfaces along with advanced call features are supported.

  • Ease of installation (no patches require for installation)
  • Compatible with Linux and Window OS
  • Optional Hardware echo cancellation
  • Superior voice quality
  • Available in PCIe
  • 1 year warranty on parts

  • Legacy PBX/IVR Services
  • VoIP Services
  • Complex IVR Applications
  • Conference Bridges
  • Calling Card Platforms
  • PRI Switch Compatibility: Network or CPE

Product Bundles
1- Port 2- Port 4- Port

Number of Ports

Single Span E1/T1/J1 Card (PCIe)

Dual Span E1/T1/J1 Card (PCIe)

Quad Span E1/T1/J1 Card (PCIe)

Channels /Concurrent Calls

Upto 30 voice calls

Upto 60 voice calls

Upto 120 voice calls


126 mm X 56 mm

140mm X 63 mm

140mm X 63 mm

ATechnical Specification:

Optional Hardware Echo Canceller Operating Systems

Octasic Based

Linux Kernel : 2.4 to Latest

128 ms Tail per channel

Windows : XP/Vista/Win7

G.168–2004 Echo Cancellation in Hardware

Voice Platforms Line Coding

Asterisk : 1.4 to Latest


FreeSWITCH: > 1.2.7

Framing Types PRI – CPE & Network Modes

T1 / E1 / J1 with D4 / ESF

National ISDN1/2 • AT&T 4ESS

Signaling – CAS / CCS


CRC4 / Non-CRC4

Lucent 5ESS


Nortel DMS 100

Line Protocols Minimum Hardware Requirement

Voice CAS, MRC/R2

1.6-GHz Pentium IV


512 MB RAM


3.3V or 5V PCI-e x1 slot