Commonly known as an Enterprise Messaging Solution, A2P (Application-to-Person) is the process that involves an application that sends messages to a mobile user. Besides, A2P can also be used as a customer service tool, activation and authentication mechanism. Typical uses of A2P include travel updates, banking messages and many other value-add messages.Route A2P gives you a highly customizable, cost-effective, reliable yet fast plug-and-play system.

Global & Instant Delivery

Global reach and presence with 850+ telecom operators with multiple backup routes and redundancies.

Multiple Connectivity & Interface Options

Choose from a range of interface options- APIs, HTTP, SMPP, XML and FTP. Our platform also enables you to cater your requirements with our features like file upload, saved campaigns and templates.

Dynamic & Multilingual Messaging

Explore language and personalized messaging freedom with customizable fields. Personalizing your message lets you upload a file with the list of mobile numbers.


Go beyond traditional SMS delivery by enhancing user experience to enable layer messages with voice, email, APIs, calls, etc. to meet your requirements.

Traffic Handling

Route Mobile possesses network capability to handle more than 2 billion monthly volume, which further coupled with our sophisticated load balancing process ensures delivery of messages without any glitches.

Group SMS & Scheduling

Manage your campaigns strategically based on customer preferences and schedules to optimize customer response.

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